LP - 3Pack - LARGE: Deactivates up to 90 pills / 12 oz / 12 Patches. 3-Pack

LP - 3Pack - LARGE: Deactivates up to 90 pills / 12 oz / 12 Patches. 3-Pack

$ 20.97

Sold in 3-packs. One to use now, one to share and one to save.

For healthcare, law enforcement, state agencies, non-profits, pharmacy and other organizations interested in ordering, please contact sales@deterrasystem.com.

Deactivates up to 90 pills / 12 oz / 12 Patches.

A key component of our patented technology is a proprietary activated carbon. Owing to its affinity for organic compounds, activated carbon is considered to be a universal adsorbent. Pharmaceutical molecules and toxins will bind to activated carbon through intermolecular forces, and pharmaceuticals that are bound to the activated carbon will no longer be mobile nor physiologically active (e.g. deactivated). Activated carbon has been frequently administered to patients for the treatment of acute overdose and poisoning in emergency situations. It has been found to effectively bind a wide variety of drugs and poisons with a few notable exceptions (e.g. iron, lithium, potassium, and ethanol).

Deterra’s at-source chemical neutralization system works safely to deactivate the medications by a proprietary activated carbon system. Activated carbon is used extensively in municipal water purification, and is recognized as a universal adsorbent for chemicals in solution. It is also used in the emergency treatments of drug overdosage.

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